Nickolaus Hines was a staff writer at Supercall. He covered news regarding spirits and cocktails, as well as the culture of drinks. More of his stories can be found on his author page.


Heirloom Grains are the Next Wave of Whiskey

A number of distillers are focusing on the grains rather than the barrel. It's got enough momentum to become the next big thing in whiskey.


A Mental Health Expert Explains Why We’re Afraid to Go to Bars Alone

Why are people afraid to go to bars alone, and why shouldn't we be? The answer from a psychologist's perspective.

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Tequila Shortages Will Keep Happening. This Is When the Next Will Be.

The agave market is on a seven year cycle. An investigation into the boom and bust cycle of the plant and tequila market.


Meet “Road It Up,” The World’s Only #Vanlife Cocktail Account

A profile of the Road It Up, the only Van Life brand with a cocktail focus.


Why Gin Drinkers Can Have Better Palates Than Whiskey Fans

Whiskey drinkers get a lot of credit for their palates. This is the case for why gin drinkers should get more attention.


The Original Mardi Gras Wasn't in New Orleans, It Was in Mobile, Alabama

America's original Mardi Gras wasn't in New Orleans. Mobile has a long, troubled history with the celebration.

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How Tequila Soda Became the Drink of Choice for Finance Bros

Younger finance types have switched from Old Fashioneds to Tequila Sodas. Here's why.