Nickolaus Hines started working with VinePair in September 2016 as a staff writer and worked his way up to associate editor. He covered the news beat, as well as led beer and spirits coverage for the publication. A full list of his stories can be found on his author page.


The Oral history of Allagash white

Allagash White is one of the best selling American-produced Belgian White beers in the country, but it wasn't easy getting there. I spoke with founder Rob Todd and others for the oral history of the iconic Allagash White.


drinkstagramers are changing cocktail culture without stepping behind the bar

Instagram has changed the way people interact. It’s made stars out of everyday people, propped up an entire influencer market, and can even be used to detect when someone became clinically depressed.

Now it’s changing the way people think about cocktails.


rose simple syrup

The quality of your simple syrup can make or break your cocktail. I developed a few rosé simple syrup recipes and wrote about why making your own is important.


Why the Blood and Sand Gets Left Out of the Cocktail Canon

America's classic cocktail renaissance has made stars of the Negroni and Old Fashioned, yet the Scotch-based Blood and Sand recipe is often forgotten. I explored why.